Sunday, 22 March 2015

New Purchases featuring Ralph Lauren and Asos

I'm quite proud of myself this month, I haven't splurged all my money on clothes, shoes and accessories. Don't get me wrong, I really really want to but since I'm saving up for a couple of holidays, my bank account won't stretch that far.


I've been wanting a Denim & Supply t-shirt for ages as I always seem to be pining after one. So when I saw this one on Asos for only £35 (I have a slight obsession with the U.S.A) I knew that I had to buy it. On Asos, it said that the model was wearing a UK size small (which was a size 10 - XS being a size 8). I figured that if a model was wearing a size 10 then I had to be a size 12? Which doesn't really make any sense as I've never ever been a size 12 in tops in any shop. Ever. I'm normally a size 8/10. But I decided to order the medium (size 12) anyway and see what it was like and if it was too big, exchange it for the size 10. When it came a couple of days later, I tried it on straight away and it fit really well which was a surprise. 

Denim & Supply by Ralph Lauren Flag T-Shirt
Asos - £35



This was another weird sizing moment for me. I've ordered a pinky ring from Asos before and personally, I thought that my fingers were quite thin, but when I ordered the size small, it didn't fit at all. So when I saw this pinky ring, I ordered the medium hoping that would be the right size. I mean seriously, I couldn't have that big of fingers surely? My hands are tiny. I tried the ring on and it fit - just. It's a pain to get off but it just about fits. It's not uncomfortable but I sigh of relief unexpectedly when I take it off. So I don't know if the large would be too big or a perfect fit. 

Asos - £5