Thursday, 5 March 2015

New Purchases featuring Pretty Little Thing

I've never bought anything from Pretty Little Thing so when I went on the website and found these two amazing day dresses - which I did need a couple more of - and I couldn't wait for them to arrive at my house. 
So here we go, here are my two purchases:

Pretty Little Thing - £4 (On Sale)

I was a bit weary at first to buy a maxi dress because I'm only 5ft 6" and I thought that it would make me look really short. But I paired the dress with my big heeled boots and it looked ok. Just be careful though because even the tiniest amount of fat on your stomach and the dress shows it off.


Pretty Little Thing - £9 (On Sale)

This dress is very similar to the red one that I bought off Asos, but I love the colour of this one. I also like the cut out shoulder design so I wanted another dress in a similar style. I love the long sleeves as well. The material of the dress is polyester and is quite thin but the dress just slips on and off which I really like because it's really light and flowy.




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