Friday, 27 February 2015

Beauty Review featuring Ted Baker

Ted Baker

I had this black Ted Baker nail polish in a set of five and I genuinely thought that because it was Ted Baker (and I paid a lot compared to other nail polish) that it would be amazing. And it was - at first. Application was brilliant, it went on really smooth and it wasn't gloopy or a mess. It also checked the one of the main boxes that I have for nail varnish - that with one coat, there's a solid colour. On the top four photos, you can see that it was a nice solid colour, and that was after only one coat. The next four photos show my nails three hours later. The polish was coming off so easily just by doing daily things: cleaning my bedroom, doing the dishes and putting clothes on. Nail varnish should not come off after three hours. Next time, I will have to put a few more coats on and hope that it lasts longer!

Ted Baker Nail Polish Set and Tin
Ebay (Prices can range, just type in "Ted Baker Nail Polish Set and Tin" into the search bar)

Barry M

After applying the first coat, the colour was very silvery and transparent so it was obvious that it was going to need a few coats. Application was very easy and went on nice and smoothly, it wasn't gloopy but the smell of nail polish was very strong! After sneezing a few times, I applied a couple more coats and got the results shown in the above photos. The only problem that I have with this nail varnish is that it takes ages to dry. It took half an hour to dry fully and in that time I was getting ready for work - and trying very hard not to smudge my nails. Unfortunately, I failed in that department. There were tiny smudges and dents in my nails from getting ready so after work, I redid them (and had to wait another half an hour for them dry.) I didn't do anything the latter time, I just sat and waited for them to dry. Apart from the long drying time, I can't fault it. However, if you're looking for a dark purple, don't be fooled by the bottle. In the last photo, I used the flash on my camera. The other photos are without the flash. It looks like a purpley-grey in some lights and then dark glittery purple in others. But it IS a very nice colour.

Barry M - £2.99



Thursday, 26 February 2015

Beauty Review Featuring Maybelline New York

Nail Polish

First of all, Rimell is brilliant for nail polish, absolutely brilliant. When I first put on this nail varnish, the first thing I noticed was that I could apply it with ease. The bottle says 'lasting finish' and it does exactly that. Unfortunately because I'm a swimming teacher, nail polish comes off easily in the water, but this one didn't. After a day of being in a swimming pool, my nail colour was still going strong and hadn't faded at all. The one thing I would say though is when you're trying to get it off with nail varnish remover, it takes a good scrub to get it off.

602 Keep Calm & Play
Kimmel London - £2.99


I'm always a bit apprehensive when it comes to buying a new mascara for many reasons. I don't want to spend a good chunk of money and the mascara be clumpy or not thick enough. So I tend to buy mascaras that have been recommended to me. 'Maybelline New York: The Colossal Volume Express Mascara - Cat Eyes' was recommended to me by my best friend and my first positive observation was the wand. I love curved wands as it gives me a good gut feeling that they're going to curl my eyelashes. My second positive observation was when I pulled the wand out, it didn't all clump at the lid (which I've had before with other mascaras and it was horrendous). After applying a few layers of the mascara, I noticed it applied quite easily. I made the mistake of putting on another two layers though. After five layers, all of my eyelashes had clumped together. Not a lot mind you, but still it had gone a bit clumpy. So I just got my eyelash separator and sorted it out and then it looked fine.
My final verdict is that it has brilliant application, looks amazing, just watch how many layers you're putting on!

Maybelline - £7.99



OOTD Featuring H&M

This outfit is probably one of my favourites. Whenever I wear this particular ensemble, I feel sophisticated, I feel mature, I feel good. And that's how any ensemble should make anyone feel. Good. Let me share this wondrous outfit with you...

Asos/New Look - £16 (On Sale)

Asos - £6

Asos - £26 (On Sale)

Asos - £20 (On Sale)

(the ones I bought aren't on the website but the link takes you to some that are similar)
H&M - £29.99

Asos/New Look - £19.99

Primark Stretchy Black Long Sleeved Top
Primark - £2.50